Keto the Way to Go? All or nothing – Are You Ready to Let Go?

As I am writing this down, I have just downed a cup of Mocha, and am on my way to finishing a can of A&Was that contains 160 calories, and 39.7gm of Carbohydrates. It is obvious that I am NOT on Keto diet or lifestyle at the moment.

Having said that, my weight has improved dramatically over the period of 3 years. From a high of 84kg three years ago, I am now at a comfortable 71kg. My target before the end of this year is 69kg, but that might be tougher since I am also on a regime of adding muscles and to improve my overall strength. That is what happens when you are a confirmed hypertension person, who has been at the desk for the last decade and sedentary. Change cannot be immediate, and it cannot be momentary. The key word is ‘sustainable’.

Which brings me to this excellent article by a professor David Harper, who wonderfully states:

Harper also said many people might confuse going keto with having an excuse to fill up on bacon and eggs every morning, but it isn’t that. A proper keto diet is about 70-80% fat, with no more than 10-15% carbs. That means most people on it try to keep their carbohydrate intake below 50 grams a day and stick to only moderate amounts of protein.

I totally agree. Most people get Ketogenic diet wrong – and it is just a mini-Alkins diet that focuses on protein. This is not protein diet. This is high-fat, low-carb. And I would say that it is better to go down to 30gm a day for carbohydrates. It is a radical shift which I had played with a few times. When combined with fasting and intensive exercise (short duraction – not long ones), it is doable for the short term. But Professor Harper is right when he says – you either commit to it, or you stop.

Frankly, I am not one who can do Keto for a long time. Why? Because I love my bread, noodles, rice and other Asian food that is our STAPLE food. Look at the Japanese people – they are slim! In my two weeks holiday in Tokyo and Kyoto I COULD NOT see an obese or overweight Japanese person. The only ones overweight were foreigners! And their main food consumption? Both rice AND noodles. Besides, biblically (if you are religious) God created human beings as vegetarians. Although after the Flood they became omnivorous, yet remember, we were vegetable eaters! It is a ‘safe default’ for all of us. There is some wisdom there. Of course, if you believe in an Old World theory (evolution), then you would believe that paleo diet is better – but that is another article next time.

But it is tempting to consider Keto for the long term, especially if (like me) you are battling inflammation issues that leads one to major issues like heart problems. In Malaysia, this is a hard option to consider as keto-friendly food is NOT easily available, and you need to be of a certain income level to sustain this type of spending. Besides, you need to spend time preparing it, as you just cannot go into a store to buy keto-friendly food. However, this is something that I have been considering on and off – should I do it for long term.

The full article can be read from:

Anyone going to try this for the long-term? Do you think it is easier to consider this diet if there is ready and reasonably priced keto-friendly food available for purchase? Maybe I should start a keto-business in Klang Valley! Hahahaha.