Games for the Future

The best sort is the incorporation of real-life activities into the game design and mechanism, similar to Pokemon Go. I would argue that it is more immersive in the real world, like doing something… Accumulating credits from people, taking a picture, writing something, going somewhere, making a hand motion or gestures on the screen, etc. These would really encourage people to play without feeling bad, especially for the working professionals.

Just my thoughts on what mobile gaming should be for the next few years, especially for former gamers like me who have no time for it (because of family, work and life activities).

Play Thousands Games in Your Browser for FREE! Courtesy of ARCHIVE.ORG

Can I tell you that this is a giant step forward for all retro-gaming enthusiast (like me)? You can play thousands of games in your browser… the main word being “browser”. On the PC, on your laptop, your UMPC (ultra mobile personal computer), your handheld device, your smartphone… heck, even your feature phone as long as it supports a browser and an internet connection!

Entertainment does not really need high tech devices or money splurges. You have the advantage of gaming ANYWHERE with this contribution by, the world’s largest depository of preserving all things. Check out the whole list of games available here at:

I tried some of the latest offerings, and they work nicely on my Xiaomi Mi Max 1 (Snapdragon 652). Of course, you will need to have some peripherals to enjoy them, but that is relatively simple with the plethora of Bluetooth devices available. I used a Logitech Keyboard K380 and it ran perfectly.

Yes, the above screenshot was directly from my mobile phone – the classic shoot-em up, “1942”!

Not forgetting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (MAME version). Yes, this rocks! I remember putting in coins just to have a few rounds of this in the arcade machines (even though I was under age at that time). One day I will try to fulfill my dream of building my very own arcade cabinet from scratch! Hahahaha…

Until then, please consider re-living your childhood digital games indulgence. 🙂