About Me

Welcome to my Digital Abode in this part of the Internet. My first foray into blogging was way back in 2000 with a Blogger account, with a blogspot address. That was like a lifetime ago. It was an interesting time in my life, what with the explosion of Web 2.0 and 3.0, for those who are in the know. I learnt a lot, got into trouble a lot, and finally, decided to start afresh with a WordPress blog. The archives of that latter part is still with me – you can scroll back in the menu, under the “archives”. 

This blog will primarily be on non-personal stuff, although the site is hosted under a “personal” title. Go figure, I am fickle minded. But the main content will be art, books, music, writings – things which I have all these years been fascinated by. I have my parents to thank for all the liberty and expenses spent, enabling me to bask in these areas. While others were happy to stop their additional “art classes” because “art” is no longer examinable after 15 years old, I pressed on for the sheer fun and interest in it. Similarly, my parents encouraged my reading habits – in my early teens mum bought for me (hunted them down) the series that got me hooked on Fantasy books – “Lone Wolf”. I received my first writing award at the age of 16, and have continued writing whenever I had the opportunity. 

This is my online, digital, creative lair. I hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to comment and share your insights as well. 

All works (including photos) are by me, unless otherwise stated.