Wolverine: Logan in Costume – Black & White Watercolour

Noir Blanc Wolverine…

Never give up. That is the motto for the month. With so many things on the plate, we just need to persevere with the little things. I did NOT intend to do any more sketches after posting this morning’s Batman watercolour (which I did a few days ago). But, something just snapped… and I whisked this up in an hour’s time at a local cafe.

This was all done with watercolour (black), and a few crumpled tissue paper to soak excess water and to smudge some areas for effect. I thought this was better than some others that I deemed “defective” and had to abort. By the way, my sketchbook is finishing soon! Yay… my first complete sketchbook, with less than stellar work. But it is the completion that is the reward, right? 

Wolverine in his old costume. I think it is about time I tackle John Byrne’s rendition of him in that famous Dark Phoenix arc… Hmmm… that seems to pique my interest. Hope you enjoy this. 

Oh, I used a 005 Pigma Micron just for some of the outline and for small details, like in the eye area… mouth, teeth. 

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