Hellspawn versus Venom! Two Anti-Heroes facing off

Black & White Version

I have mentioned previously that I am a Todd McFarlane fan. I REGRETTED not buying the first issue of Spawn when I had the chance to do so. But I was merely in my early teens and asking mum for money (RM7 was a lot of money for an issue) was not easy. American comic book collection was not a hobby for the average joe from a middle-class family. I remember the exchange rate, an Image Comic cost around RM6.80, with a cover price of USD1.95. That was way back, when the exchange rate was low, around USD1 = RM3.20/3.30. Unfortunately, things just got worse as the years passed. Back to Spawn, I bought my first two issues 6 and 8. Many years would pass before I was able to buy a few more (not the first two issues though). 

Anyway, my other favourite comic book artist is Erik Larsen, of Spider-man fame. I remembered reading my friend’s comic where Venom trapped Peter on a remote island, fully intent on killing him. The pacing of the two-part story was good and exciting! In the end Venom believed that he/they had killed Peter in an explosion. The art was wonderful, and from there I began to research on Venom – curious over web-head’s nemesis. 

While doing some work today, I figured, why not draw both of them? And here is the result – all done with my trusty Pentel Brush Pen. The following is the coloured version, which I thought was complete… but something kept nagging at me. What could it be?  

Coloured (Incomplete)

I realised that the above version was incomplete… notice the chains dangling over Spawn’s chest? It was… just dangling there! Oh no… I can imagine the painstaking detail that every comic book artist has to go through just to finish the page. It is a WONDER that they are able to do ONE full-page of comic art a day (which is supposed to be the standard pace). I took up the brush and added the details again… and now, may I present to you the finished piece:

Coloured (Complete)

I realised also that I was missing the shadow of the chains. It just did not sit right with me. Yes, there are still some stuff that needs corrections, like the spikes on the hellspawn’s right arm… but… I will let that slide. Correction pen (the one I have) does not play well with me. I am still trying to find a pen that gives off white ink, that is better than what we get with the correction pen. 

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