Ollie, the Green Arrow Sketch

Black and white rendition.

You know, I did not actually wanted to draw Ollie (Oliver Queen). But I had “Arrow” playing in the background, and there was just this moment when I paused the episode that just looked nice. So I whipped out the sketchbook, and drew this. I honestly think that “less sometimes is more”, as in, the fewer lines I use, the better the overall piece looks. I have known of some very great comic book artists who use minimal strokes in rendering their characters. Some (of my mind at the moment) of them are: Sean Phillips and Tim Sale. Really good linework that just captures everything through the thickness of the line, the curve, the lack of it (negative space)… 

Unfortunately, I have yet to learn the patience and the skill to do so. Somehow, it just looks sloppy if not enough ‘blacks’ are on the page (actually what went through my mind)… 

Well, I decided to colour the piece. Please bear with my colour selection – I only read the labels, because I am actually colour-blind. Not the severe type, but enough that I do get the green/brown mixed up – along with brown/red and purple/blue. It is my weakness. By themselves, I can ‘guess’ the colour fairly accurately (nowadays), but when it is mixed or next to one another – there is where my confusion begins.

Which picture looks better? The black and white? Or the coloured version? Please let me know. By the way, Stephen Amell will always be the Green Arrow in my mind 🙂

Coloured version.

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