Logan/Wolverine in His Feral State – Weapon X

The hardest part with Logan is his facial features, IMHO

Here is my challenge of the day – drawing a feral Logan. I love Chris Claremont’s story on Wolverine: he was a mysterious man, who continually struggles to be a civilised man. Logan grew throughout Claremont’s run, from being a mindless berserk, to a thoughtful, self-controlled ninja. However, towards the early 2000’s, the unthinkable happened – they (Marvel head-honchos) decided to make a series to reveal Logan’s backstory and past. That is the worst thing that happened to the character, as the mystery is taken away. 

This particular art is based off Jim Lee’s rendition in X-men #4. I liked Jim Lee’s interpretation of Logan; he was short, bulky, and moody – as I always pictured him to be. You will be surprised how many artist would render Logan as a 5 foot 8 inches. In the original, he is 5 feet 3 inches!!! And no, this was WAY before Hugh Jackman took on the onscreen role. 

This was 95% done with a sepia coloured Pentel Brush Pen. I just ‘corrected’ some areas with Pigma Micron 0.1 pen and a correction pen (for the adamantium claws). 

The finished piece! Voila!

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