G-Man (Generic Man) Sketch – Crosshatching practice

Generic Man – an obvious clone of Superman!

Today was a slow day. With a house full of sick and recovering people, this was the best I could muster within half an hour. I have a Body-Kun, SFH Figuart doll, which is an obvious clone for the price I paid. I took a few shots on the camera and let my younger son decide which pose he preferred. He wanted to watch me draw, so I gave him the honour of choosing the pose. This was the pose he wanted. After drawing for a while, I thought… “What the heck… let me draw a cape on the guy… and… just make him a blatant copy of the now famous (and universal) Superman.” 

Throw in some watercolour and correction pen ink, and took a small pen knife to scrape lightly across the page, and this is the end result. I notice a lot of mistakes (particularly the chest), but I have to admit that I was not really focusing on the shadows… more on crosshatching itself. It is an AMAZING technique that DEMANDS patience and consistency. Something I need to practice more, and more. When it is mastered to a certain degree, you get wonderful art like the ones by Bernie Wrightson and Dave Sim… beautiful art that I can re-read without a hint of boredom (strictly on art… not story, that is). 

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