Daredevil Ready for Action!

The challenge is always to come out of the rut after seeing tonnes of wonderful artists out there. My mission is to come out of “amateur” hour and hopefully hone my skills a bit more.

This piece is inspired by the recent Netflix Daredevil series, season 3, which I am highly recommending to everyone. If you have not seen this, GO SEE IT now! Yes… Now.

Matt Murdock’s alter ego is fun to draw because his costume design is not complicated. In this, I think Quesada’s (Joe) style which he used to great effect in his run with Kevin Smith, on the Marvel Knight’s series, back in early 2000, fits the mood and soul of Daredevil perfectly. I remember he would incorporate some art nouveau into the splash pages… Brilliant!

I liked David Mack’s painting too… And of course, Alex Maleev’s phenomenal digital art. Having said that, what works with Daredevil does not translate well with Spider-man, though one would be tempted to think so. The mood and the vibe is just too different.

Hope you enjoy this piece. Done with Pentel Brush Pen (dry), and then with some light inks for outlines, and only then with some simple washes (watercolour). Finished with the correction pen and the Micron ink pen to tighten some of the form.

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