I once made it a point to do three biographies a year for Youth Fellowship in my church. That did not go as it planned as I have been very busy with the regular series that I was doing (there were three of them). Nevertheless, at least one is delivered over the past two years during the annual church conference held locally in our local churches. So far, the list has been John Calvin and Charles Spurgeon. This year, it will be George Whitefield. Certainly, Whitefield has been a favourite of mine for many reasons that I am not inclined to put down here. However, during my preparations, I have come to see that there are many Biblical persons whose biography are equally, if not more, compelling to be delivered. This year, I am looking at the prophet Moses. I have not heard a biography given of him before (based on my own experience). Yet, I find Moses to be a very fascinating person. Someone the person on the street is able to relate to. Let’s see how this year goes.