Popeye – New Year Gift to All

Best news on the entertainment front 🙂 


From January 1, the iconic sailor falls into the public domain in Britain under an EU law that restricts the rights of authors to 70 years after their death. Elzie Segar, the Illinois artist who created Popeye, his love interest Olive Oyl and nemesis Bluto, died in 1938.

The Popeye industry stretches from books, toys and action figures to computer games, a fast-food chain and the inevitable canned spinach.

The copyright expiry means that, from Thursday, anyone can print and sell Popeye posters, T-shirts and even create new comic strips, without the need for authorisation or to make royalty payments. 

Full article is from: http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/tv_and_radio/kids_tv/article5415854.ece

Anyone wants to write their own books featuring the famous sailor? 🙂 Go for it….

Cancer Causes Part 2

Earlier reports have already linked their use to brain tumours, headaches and premature ageing. Now scientists sat exposure to the phones’ low-level radiation causes red blood cells to leak haemoglobin. The build-up of haemoglobin, which carries oxygen around the body, can lead to heart disease and kidney stones.

The findings will heighten alarm over the safety of mobile phones which are used by more than 13 million people in Britain. In the latest research, scientists exposed samples of blood to varying degrees of microwave radiation for periods between ten to 60 hours.

Even at lower levels than those emitted by mobile phones, the cells leaked haemoglobin. Professor Edward Tuddenham, a haemotologist at the Imperial College Medical School based in Hammersmith Hospital, West London, said the findings were worrying and he wanted to see the study followed up. ‘The accumulation of haemoglobin in the body could result in heart disease or kidney stones,’ he warned.

The Department of Health said yesterday that the new study – carried out at the European Research Institute for Electronic Components in Bucharest – would be examined by a Government-appointed committee due to report on phone safety next year.

Full report here:  http://macedoniaonline.eu/content/view/4904/54/. But I am wondering where the real reports are? Cannot seem to trust all these ‘reports’ without looking at the real documents (or having a reliable source do that for us consumers). 



Hmmmm…. mobile phones…. what about the radiation emited by computers? I think we are living in a radiated environment! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I need one of those cool protective suits (ala Half Life!). Hahaha…. hmmm…. not much of a laughing matter anymore.


Handphones / Mobile Phones : Cancer Causers?

Interphone researchers are pooling and analyzing the results gathered from studies on 6,400 tumors sampled from patients in 13 countries. If the final results mirror the preliminary ones, the world’s three billion cellphone users might want to dial back their talk time. Israeli researchers participating in Interphone found that people who use cellphones regularly are 50 percent more likely than non-users to develop brain tumors. And a joint Interphone analysis from the U.K., Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland reported a 40 percent increase in tumor risk in people who use cellphones for more than a decade; the study found no discernable risk for people who have used cellphones for fewer than 10 years.

Read the whole thing here: http://www.popsci.com/scitech/article/2008-12/last-call. Anyway, I have been thinking that it is an entirely possible premise, seeing that the cases of cancer has only recently escalated to crazy proportions. If this is true…. I truly shudder to think what might happen to my normal lifestyle…….!!!! 

Will I ever be able to leave my mobile phone??????

Oh no……..

Guess I should not dispose of land lines yet….


Modern Assumptions-Churning Mindset

It is mind-boggling how modern day assumptions made on ‘weak evidences’ are taken as though it is factual. Case in point: http://digg.com/political_opinion/Barack_Obama_to_Swear_in_on_Homosexual_Atheist_s_Bible – the post basically was made in relation to recent allegations that Abraham Lincoln (yes, that Abraham Lincoln) is homosexual. 

Yes, that made me go    O_o     …. really? 

Made a quick wiki trip (not the best scholarly source of course, but hey, it’s just a quick trip) and found http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexuality_of_Abraham_Lincoln, explaining the recent ‘debate’ (more like speculation) that Mr. Lincoln could have been ‘soft’ and at worse… homosexual. 


That’s the allegations. 

But then again, this is the age where any ‘idea’ can be turned into a factual knowledge without actual solid, grounded evidences. Who are the ‘alleged’ diary keepers? How do we know these were not the equivalent of our modern fan-fiction writer who fantasizes relationships with other people? It is way too speculative to prove anything, much more, re-write history of a man who was known to be patient and with much wisdom (courtesy of his wife’s temperament and condition). 

It is a modern mindset. 

Speculate everything. Accept everything. 

Except those who forbid that. 

Go figure. Relativistic modernists. They breed everywhere. 🙂

30 Rock Season 3 Hitting Rock-Bottom!!!!!!

ML and I are aghast at how horrid the new season is compared to the previous ones. We narrow it down to a few factors:

1. Too much emphasis on Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey. They should re-title the series. It’s no longer about the happenings at 30 Rock, but Jack and Liz.

2. Too little development on other characters that are well-loved. The previous seasons worked because of Too-fer, Dr. Leo, Lutz, Pete and so much more…

3. It’s becoming Fey and Balwin show.


5. Same as 1, 2, 3 and 4.

6. Don’t you start 😛

So there. We’re giving it one last chance. Let me correct myself. I’m giving the show one last try (because ML has already given up on the show already).

Sigh. The Big Bang Theory is so much funnier.

Twitter Start


I am doing a research on unifying all the various social networks into one main account. I like Facebook… but the problems are numerous. Recently they have tried overcoming it by re-designing the whole interface. It works for me. But one thing was sadly lacking… the ability to update your status via mobile phone without having a data connection.

In comes Twitter. A very popular American micro-blogging tool (which I’m sure will be popular in Asia soon enough… it feels so much like Facebook was 2 years ago!).

Best part of Twitter is: I can update my Twitter status for the price of one sms to +447624801423 and voila it gets updated. I pulled a Twitter app from Facebook, and …. ta da….

My Facebook status is updated!

Time taken… 5 second lag time (from the moment I send my sms).


20 cents. Malaysian currency.

That’s cheap.

The application of this (in centralising things to Facebook) is immense (for me anyway :P).

Now, if Google will link and pull everything from Facebook to Gmail…. that would be “The One ring to rule them all!” As it stands, my two must use online utilities for daily usage are: Gmail & Facebook.


Xmas is not Christmas

It’s disappointing always to see people with a minimalist approach in their faith. It starts with the small small things, and before they know it; they are hedged into a corner where they cannot escape, and it’s their fault. Reducing things are basically a lazy man’s excuse for reducing word count. It’s Christmas, with the focus on Christ. Not Xmas, with a focus on Santa Claus and the world’s version of a religious celebration.

Why do people (particularly the youth) always seek to be minimalist when it comes to God? They never think of the consequences of their actions and their attitude?

I have no idea.

Some people just need to be taught a hard lesson that could have been diverted from the start.

Ah well… it’s their life. Blood be on their heads. I agree with Paul.

Exploded Gameboy T-shirt – Nice!


This is a very nicely drawn t-shirt. Too bad it’s soooooo expensive. Costs £16 (UK Pounds) + £3.50 (for shipping) = RM106!!!!! Just for a shirt…. I don’t think so. 

Nice picture. I wonder whether one can just use the image and print it on a shirt of their own? 😛 heheheheheheh. 

Just kidding….

Unless you see me walking with one 😛

Available from http://gamepaused.net/