I Hate Joe Quesada


It is really not a secret that Joe Q hates Peter Parker being married to Mary Jane Watson. I really don’t understand why he would have gone with it, even though JMS was not happy with it.

Sigh. Short version of the event: Mephisto (aka Devil in the Marvel Universe) agrees to give back Aunt May life, in exchange for their marriage… i.e. there is no wedding to begin with. History is re-written. It’s mind boggling and frankly, lacks much logic. Peter not able to shoulder the responsibility of having his aunt shot because of him? Hey, he already had how many years to recover from Uncle Ben’s!

Anyway… art was superb. Got to give Joe Q that. But, I will NOT be reading Spider-man anymore, until they get a story to get both of them back together. You don’t play with marriage like that. Just to create emotions and play with them. That’s just inhuman. So there… I really need to just stick with the Spider-man dailies! 🙂 At least my beloved comic couple is still there!

I hate Joe Q!


Heart wrenching…. sigh….

It ends with MJ saying “…you hit the jackpot” and…. that’s it…

Dynamic Range

A very good article on the problem with most pop songs today. I remember teaching a class on this… and it’s true. You can hear which songs are ‘edited’ for different markets. No wonder the grammy’s for technical mastering is always given to some unknown work (unknown to me at least lar :P).


Over the past decade and a half, a revolution in recording technology has changed the way albums are produced, mixed and mastered — almost always for the worse. “They make it loud to get [listeners’] attention,” Bendeth says. Engineers do that by applying dynamic range compression, which reduces the difference between the loudest and softest sounds in a song. Like many of his peers, Bendeth believes that relying too much on this effect can obscure sonic detail, rob music of its emotional power and leave listeners with what engineers call ear fatigue. “I think most everything is mastered a little too loud,” Bendeth says. “The industry decided that it’s a volume contest.”

Producers and engineers call this “the loudness war,” and it has changed the way almost every new pop and rock album sounds. But volume isn’t the only issue. Computer programs like Pro Tools, which let audio engineers manipulate sound the way a word processor edits text, make musicians sound unnaturally perfect. And today’s listeners consume an increasing amount of music on MP3, which eliminates much of the data from the original CD file and can leave music sounding tinny or hollow. “With all the technical innovation, music sounds worse,” says Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen, who has made what are considered some of the best-sounding records of all time. “God is in the details. But there are no details anymore.”

I mean, when Britney Spear’s latest song on the airwaves get a ‘good’ review with statements like ‘her voice is better now, more rasp, more mature, yada yada…’ it shows how inexperience the reviewers are. It’s all technological nowadays. Want a verse sung ala Mariah Carey-like quality; no problem… just fire up ProTools and you’ve got it.

*It’s a wonder I don’t get ML into the record industry already 😛 hahahaha. I would have if I had a mac computer… Garageband would have made ML a star by now 😛 hahaha.

I digress.

There. Enya doesn’t suffer from this. I know. I can listen. 😛

Davidairey.com Restored to Owner

Delightful news of how an online community helped David to reclaim his rightful domain. His work (by the way) is really good… he is a designer. And he is my age!

Anyway… an excerpt from his post here reads:

Three days ago, I reported on a GMail security flaw resulting in the theft of my domain name.

Today, I am delighted, humbled and relieved, to announce that davidairey.com is now back in my possession.

To say I’ve been overwhelmed with the response is an understatement, and I can’t thank you all enough for your help.

He goes on in providing more information on the whole damage control plan and action which he had to go through for the past few days (and more I’m sure). All in all, it is good work indeed 🙂


It’s funny that I choose not to host this blog on my own site at www.erlern.net. I guess the main reason for hosting it on wordpress is to keep the slate simple and clean. I do not have to worry about upgrading wordpress everytime since the company would do it automatically for those hosted for free.

Anyway, I might revive my old domain since I have now been given an upgrade by my host (ipserverone – which has been excellent for these 3 years). The old scheme was RM200 for a measly 10GB. Now it has been bumped up to 100GB. Yes, you got that right.

The good things about this? I can now have no fear of hosting the entire sermon archive for www.rbcm.net, which I have been relunctant to do due to limited space. No more!

Hahaha. Many changes for next year. But just maybe… maybe a hobby project might come through before the end of the first quarter. Just maybe.

Will post more.

Check Your Gmail Filters!

This is vital for those net freaks out there…

Full story from here:

I took a look at the ‘Filter’ option in my own GMail settings, and it turns out that you can easily set incoming emails containing specific words to be forwarded automatically. For example, if you want any emails containing the word password to be sent to another address, no problem. It also appears that the Filter can delete the email from your GMail inbox as soon as it has been forwarded, so you’d be none the wiser if a hacker was playing havoc with your incoming mail.

IMPORTANT: If you use GMail, it’s absolutely vital that you check your account settings now.

Here’s what to do:

When logged into GMail, click on the ’settings’ tab in the upper right of the screen. Then check both the ‘Filters’ and the ‘Forwarding and POP’ sections. This is what I only just found in my ‘Filters’ tab:

The following filters are applied to all incoming mail:

Matches: transfer-approval.com
Do this: Forward to ba_marame_pooli@yahoo.com, Skip Inbox, Delete it

Matches: from:(transfer-approval.com)
Do this: Forward to ba_marame_pooli@yahoo.com, Skip Inbox, Delete it

I have absolutely no idea who’s email address that is, but it seems to me that some of my personal emails were bypassing my inbox entirely, instead being forwarded to the yahoo.com address.

It appears that the GMail security issue is fixed, but that won’t remove any previously installed Filters from your GMail account.


On ‘BSF’s

I’ve heard about it (Bible Study Fellowships) for a long time now (close to 4 years). Some excerpts from the originating website reads:

What began as a desire of a small group of women to deepen their faith through a weekly Bible study more than 50 years ago, is now an international movement of people … all with that same desire.

A. Wetherell Johnson led that first Bible study … and the organization that grew from it. In fact, in its 50-year history, BSF has had just three leaders: Miss Johnson, Rosemary Jensen, and current director Jean Nystrand. After relocating from Southern California to Oakland in 1958, BSF’s headquarters eventually landed in San Antonio, Texas, where it has been since 1980.

An active board of directors helps shape the spiritual and organizational direction of BSF. A small, committed staff provides day-to-day operational leadership, while volunteers from near and far help accomplish key everyday tasks.

While keeping its focus and commitment on teaching the Bible, BSF has grown from a single living room to church meeting places around the world.

In all, there are nearly 1,000 BSF classes with 200,000 class members in more than 30 nations across six continents! Nearly 800 of the classes are held in the U.S.

The Bible Study Fellowship experience is more than a class. It is a daily opportunity to interact with the text of the Bible. From the first class, BSF has used a four-fold method to help people better understand the context and applications of what they are studying.

Good things about it (as is related to me, and having analysed it, come to conclusion):

  • Learning from the Bible. The Word of God is open up.
  • Teaching is given.
  • Fellowship of believers (having a sense of a wider ‘professing Christian’ circle)

My other thoughts:

It is truly a telling sign when a church member goes elsewhere for spiritual food. Argument about the catholicity of church aside (which does not have a valid point here), it shows how undependable the ‘shepherds’ of the church has not dispensed their duties as the Chief Shepherd has mandated of the leaders. Sad scenario indeed.

The inevitable effect is the church authoritical structure (rule by elders) is looked down or at best, weakened. Where there is food, there is submission, is something that Jesus Himself castigated the people after the feeding of the thousands in the Gospel of John. You cannot but allow such thinking to creep in, especially being immersed in an inter-denomination structure (which is unbiblical of itself). A good example is the participation; professing Christians are merely that… profession. Who is there to discipline? What scope of disciplining is allowed? At the end, you are either submissive to your own church elders or you are submissive to this BSF structure. And biblically, it should be one. The church you are attached to.

Yes, there should not be nomadic Christians (unless your job calls you to that). But that is not what I’m addressing this time in this post.

I would applaud this for reaching out to non-believers. But for believers, I would not look highly on its benefits, unless you are in a ‘useless’ church. But then, if you are in a place that is deprived of spiritual food… why are you there then? Does the God of bible ask you to remain where His Word is not taught? Self imposed spiritual hunger is not glorifying.

Besides, diversified loyalty in spiritual matters really are but the first fruits of a diversed loyalty of our purpose of life. We all have to take heed on this things.


You might be wondering then; what is the alternative if I am in such a situation, where my church does not give me solid food, and BSF (or something similar) seems so much better? What if I really want to honor God in upholding the church as the ordained institution for christian assembly and yet want to have good spiritual food to keep me going in this race of life?

If you do, write a comment, and I’ll reply then. 🙂 Why go to the answer, unless someone really wants to know.

Thank God for George Whitefield

I am always reminded of him when this day comes. 🙂 Thank God for his life, his zeal and his teachings. Oh, to have the experience of listening to him in the hillside!

Puritan giant. 🙂

Parting Ways

My convictions on a lot of matters and passion in what is biblical compels me to make certain decisions in the past. Many of them involve a separation of sorts. Now I find all the more necessary to make similar decisions as I go forward in life.

Continue reading “Parting Ways”


Say what you want about Microsoft, but I dare say that 90% of most companies will end up with Microsoft’s policies and decisions given the same success that they had achieved in this 20+ years. 10% because what they do give out is quite ingenius at times. 🙂 XNA development is such a one.



Check out last years winners. This year’s competition is set to rock! I have been trying out their free XNA Game Studio and The Dark GDK for a week. I like what I see. 🙂

The next that piqued my interest is in the Legacy of the Force series. A series of stories set in the Star Wars universe (with George Lucas’ blessing of course) post Return of the Jedi. This is a few decades after that film; Luke is the head of the new Jedi Order. The Solos has 3 children, minus one who died in battle. Chewbacca is dead. And many more characters added… Luke married and has a child. Wife dead too.

The story so far has been dark; Jacen Solo, son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, nephew of Luke Skywalker, has turned to the dark side, calling himself Darth Caddeus (I think). The girl pictured is his twin sister who is out to undo the wrong of her evil twin.


How do you innovate in a universe that is already so dense with characters and limited by what the originator (Lucas) puts into place? Well… you just re-use the same elements and package them differently. I like the new package, but recognise the same substance in it 🙂