Net Letters

Letter writing is a blessing. It takes time to write a good one. I currently have yet to reply to at least 3 that I am aware of. The beauty of the Net age is this: Writing SHOULD not be a hassle, especially if you are a person who just make the excuse that there is much movements in doing so.

Unfortunately, I am very late in replying my letters, even now. I blame it on the ‘writing mood’. That mood that comes all too rarely. When it does, you are usually not at your computer or you are not ‘connected’. Ironic isn’t it?

Ah well. 🙂 c’est le vie.


Facebook is evil! It sucks your life away with mindless applications that sparks pseudo-fun. Away! Away!


Seriously spending way too much time checking it.


I rather be addicted to a computer game.

By the way, finally finished Carson’s short book on the KJV debate. Interesting read… got a bit more enlightened on textual criticism and some other doctrines on interpretation.

I’m planning to scribble more on my facebook, since more are connected there. It’s just a plan.

Drawings are coming back soon. Very soon.

Time, time, time.


What a rush!

Conflation – Textual Criticism Issue

In language, idiom conflation is the amalgamation of two different expressions. In most cases, the combination results in a new expression that makes little sense literally, but clearly expresses an idea because it references well-known idioms. All conflations fit into one of two major categories: congruent conflations and incongruent conflations.

Congruent conflations are the more ideal (and more sought-after) examples of the concept. These occur when the two root expressions basically reflect the same thought.

Incongruent conflation occurs when the root expressions do not mean the same thing, but share a common word or theme.

What Sherlock Holmes We Have!!!!

I found the ‘profiling report’ given by the Crime Analyst, funny. Does not add anything to what the commonner, who has read the facts (that has been revealed), would have concluded.

The person, who sexually assaulted and killed the girl found in a sports bag, enjoys inflicting pain on others.

Crime analyst Kamal Affandi Hashim said the perpetrator derived satisfaction from seeing his victim’s being helpless.

“The use of force may be to compensate his inadequacy or a sense of wanting to be superior. He shows that he wants to be in control by abusing the victim before killing her.

“The insertion of an object into the victim’s private parts was meant to produce delayed sexual satisfaction for him,” he said.

“It’s a ritual of a serial offender in progress. I believe that he has done the same before based on the sophistication of the crime.” 

Kamal Affandi said the person also dumped the bag with the girl’s body in a place where it could be easily discovered to show he was in control of things.

“He’s telling the world that he’s smart. He wants to be in control,” he said, adding that the perpetrator could have disposed the body in a place where it could never be found.

Kamal Affandi said he did not believe the killer was abused physically or sexually as a child.

“The killer is anger-driven and may not need anything to trigger his violent action.

“But I wouldn’t say that he is mentally disturbed or insane,” he added.

Read it the report given here.

1) Of course he is a sadist, hence the use of objects to abuse.

2) The need to be in control, could have been concluded by the fact that the victim is a helpless child!

3) “at the bottom of the staircase of a shoplot in PJS1/48″… cannot be construed as the killer making a statement of being ‘smart/in control’. In fact, the shoplot drop off is to ensure that the body IS found. This is not a DARE, since it is likely that the “woman in jeans and a red top walking about in the area at that time and the bag could be seen then. The woman, estimated to be in her 20s, later entered a Silver Kenari” is clearly troubled (by the ‘walking about’ term meaning ‘seen going back and forth’). My suggestion would be the person was clearly mobile, and the place COULD have been assumed to be randomly selected as a drop off, but definitely is a place that is close to the killer’s or his accomplice’s general movement. In fact, that is what I would emphasis more since the accomplice (definitely a man as the killer, and the girl is the lover). [If we were to believe the claim that the child is illegal (highly probable) edit: as of today at 1.30pm, apparently the DNA tests have confirmed that the child is Nurin. This definitely puts things into a new perspective] few things present itself; The killers were most likely Malaysians (middle to upper class since “brand new sports bag” is a NEW one and a Kelisa to boot). They could have chosen a random child (detachment in an abusive situation, where the abuser does not gain any satisfaction from any attachment to the victim, in contrast to incest rape – an extreme example – and is more commonly the case for a person who has a form of belief system (principles)). Or one could have been foreigners. Both of them could be foreigners would be unlikely (I don’t think so, based on the Kenari and income assertion I made earlier, no offence to foreigners). Moreover, I have a high suspicion of the race of the killers, and how this might further shed light on the case. But I’ll leave it out now, for fear of someone accusing me of arousing racial slurs, etc. Somehow, I think this is what can be safely concluded at the moment.

4) This statement had me chuckling. “Kamal Affandi said he did not believe the killer was abused physically or sexually as a child.” Sigh… if only this can be determined so simply based on Jung’s frameworks. 

5)  “The insertion of an object into the victim’s private parts was meant to produce delayed sexual satisfaction for him,” he said. I agree with this to some extent. Delayed is better translated as ‘prolonged’ pleasure. This is obviously in contrast to him performing the abuse himself (rape). Part of it is to not leave any evidence on the girl. Showing some level of knowledge of this general police investigation, that is gotten from things like watching TV shows (CSI)? Which would again support my theory that the person is not a kampung person or a foreigner.

6) Strands of hair found in the bag is interesting. It could be the lady’s or the man’s. This is good if we can find out what hair type, curly or straight… etc.

If it was me, I would try to find out:

1) THE SPORTS BAG! This is the best evidence we have. What type is it? Where would it be sold and I am sure it would be bought on the day itself (Sunday) or earliest the day before. Details of the bag can really help the investigation.

2) We have the address of the drop off, now it remains to get the details of how long was the woman there before going in. What other thing that the investigators could have left off (like reflection of the person/car), etc.

3) A cursory check on main illegal settlements and ask for any child missing (while promising some form of amnesty for the actual parents, if they are here).

Details and cooperation of the public who may be smarter than the investigators to help out! Seriously… 😛

Going to follow this case closely.

Malaysiakini’s so far covered this in (I’m putting it here for traffic purposes :P)

Quesada Art



Take a look at both pictures from the recent Spider-man: One Day More series… I don’t care what all the rest of the reviewers are saying about him, but Joe Quesada, the Enditor in-Chief (EIC) of Marvel Comics, has gotten his art better than before. This is a really vast improvement from his work on Daredevil.

Many panned his latest work; pinpointing his human figure exaggerations and cartoonish, ‘ala McFarlane,’ style. I believe these critics are lacking in one area; art appreciation. Quesada is now at a stage where perfect figure rendering is not of main concern (Miller style) but it is the underlying feeling and message that has to be retained properly. Face it, most of the reviewers are way too use to Spiegelman style (where you know he is setting up something abstract) and to other indie styles, but are ‘shocked’ to see some of these applied ‘quietly’ or ‘discretely’ within mainstream comics. Remember that Quesada has always been getting subtler in incorporating these emotive elements in his art (where in placement, structure, line, ink or object choice.. see Daredevil – smith run and his own ‘Father’ run,  Ash, and this one).

And this is confirmed with his latest interview on Newsarama. I personally enjoy his art and am glad that the EIC of Marvel Comics is not only one who is a good writer (Iron Man run) but is also an excellent penciller 🙂 No better leader than one who gets his hands dirty.



My right eye is hurting.

I have no idea what’s wrong with it.

No point in going into details of what I have been doing. Probably I’ll list them down, for those who want to know:

  • Finishing “The King James Version Debate: A Plea for Realism” by D. A. Carson – second time reading it. Textual Criticism is certainly a useful area of study. Opened my eyes to a lot of matters. Read a bunch of articles related to manuscripts, autographs and text-types.
  • Will watch Flash Gordon (2007) the new TV series, pilot episode tonight. I have no idea whether it is a good choice.
  • Going to watch Mork and Mindy (1970s) series. Really funny stuff, and I only heard about it from my parents and was intrigued to find that Robin Williams was Mork!
  • Starting ‘slowly’ on Systematic Theology book by Berkof.
  • Finished thumbnails of a tract for inhouse use.
  • Deliberating on Watercolour competition (Putrajaya)… RM30 per entry.
  • Listened to John MacArthur’s personal testimony (2 versions) on MP3.
  • Considering getting the Fire & Blood series on China’s martyrs by Paul Hattaway.
  • MP4 player konked again. Need to repair 🙁
  • Going through Hebrews; very spiritually satisfying.
  • Preparing for weekend in Kuantan.
  • Updated facebook and friendster. Yes, I actually do. Sigh.
  • Preparing to give piano lessons next month (yea… shocking right? :P)

That’s it for now.

I am a Compatibilist

Compatibilism is the belief that free will and determinism are compatible ideas, and that it is possible to believe both without being logically inconsistent (people who hold this belief are known as compatibilists). While compatibilists hold that free will and determinism are not mutually exclusive, not all compatibilists would insist that both are true.

Incompatibilism is the belief that free will and determinism are not logically compatible categories. This could include believing that determinism is reality, therefore free will is an illusion (hard determinism), or that free will is true, therefore determinism is not (libertarianism), or even that neither determinism nor free will are true (pessimistic incompatibilism).

September 11

I nearly forgot the date and its significance.

It was on this date that world politics became mainstream for the people at Caulfield campus lounge. People were staring into the television in front of the cafeteria that was opposite the arcade centre. Talking and murmuring. A scene of gloom and of despair as everyone started thinking of their friends who were there.

As I walked across Dandenong Road pass the engineering faculty, I could not remember a more silent day than the day after September 11. No honking of cars, no shouting. Just an awful still in the air. The biting cold wind, with its wind chill factor, made it even more profound.

Reality of how big the scope of fear is seen in the eyes of every person I met that day. The lecturer made some remarks about the event, about his relatives there in the States… it was the conversation and issue for the next few days. He could not bring himself to teach, and the class ended early.

It was a cold day, on the day after September 11.

It was a day of despair as man gazed straight into the maws of Goliath and flinched back, knowing that he awaits even the people of modern cities.

Thank God for the David that God has sent.

Rest well, memories of September 11.

O Death, where then is your sting?