Yep… I took the weekend and Monday to go back to my hometown in Kuantan. It was a restful time. Really restful and refreshing. Eat, sleep, jalan-jalan. But that’s all put into the backburner now. Work is looming as usual.

But found family worship last night to be extraordinarily powerful. It came from two chapters from the book of Zechariah; 7 and 8. God really does speak to His people in ways and measures that are relevant and truly powerful, although the rest despise and scoff at this.

I’ll blog more on this (it really struck a chord in me) later, when I have the time.

I know a few people who are having a really crappy time at the moment, and it has all to the with the family unit. Thank God for the family unit. Yes, with all the disappointments, anger, misunderstandings and all. It really brings us down to earth and to the realities of this world.

Ok… gotta go. For now.

Stott on John

You have to admit that his recent works are really a shadow of his older ones. Anyway, I have been greatly edified by his commentary on the epistles of John. Who am I referring to? John R. W. Stott. Anglican man through and through.

I found the following compelling:

The true light is Jesus Christ, with whom light came ‘into the world’. He is true not in the sense in which a statement is true as opposed to false, but in the sense in which the real differs from the unreal, the substance from the shadow and the prototype from the type. The adjective is a favourite of John’s. Christ is the true, or real, light, of which physical light is but a reflection, just as He is the true bread and the true vine. The true idea of light, vine, bread, etc. is the heavenly reality; the earthly material things which we call ‘light’, ‘vine’, ‘bread’ are copies of the true. So the new commandments remains new because it belongs to the new age which has been ushered in by the shining of the true light. Β 

Extracted from Epistles of John,
An Introduction and Commentary by John R.W. Stott

1969, Tyndale Press, pg. 94

Worth taking a look at. Mind you, he gets a bit technical in analysing KoinΓ© Greek (which is very insightful).

A Look Back: @ Captain Power

Maybe my sickness is causing me to regress… hah… maybe. Anyway, I am currently downloading old episodes of a forgotten franchise called Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. I remember watching the series when I was young (in primary schooling). My friends and I were crazy over the series, since there were plenty of gun fights and cool sci-fi tech! The one character that everyone seemed to gain gleeful pleasure was Blastaar… the machine with the ability to fire tons of laser from it’s hands. Grin.

Therefore it was kind of a surprise to find out (after all these years) that J. Michael Straczynski (JMS), the creator of Babylon 5 (one of the best TV series I have ever watched!!!), was one of the writers! As I recall, the series was quite ‘mature’ for its time. There were much betrayal and much vengence submerged within the series. You just get a sense of hopelessness too, as the dangers and peril of being a human being was fleshed out more and more as the series progressed.

The saddest part was the final episode, where one of the soldiers (Pilot), sacrificed herself at the very last, when everything was going down the drain for the Resistance. What made it even more interesting (after 20 years!) is the further revelation that JMS based that ending on a personal experience.

I’ve never talked about this before — said I was in a thoughtful mood — but I’ve known several people, friends, who’ve taken their own lives. In one case, I spoke to her just beforehand. Tried, through the phone lines, to reach her one more time, pull her back from the edge. I couldn’t. Years pass. Time comes for me to write the last filmed episode of Power.

Jennifer Chase is going to die, partly of her injuries, partly of her own volition. Part of my life went into that scene, in the way it was constructed, and what was said. And what was not said, what never had the chance to be said, and thus still burns. I knew that, at the crucial moment of that scene, he couldn’t be near her, as I wasn’t near my friend…it had to be long-distance,hearing but not seeing her, and the terrible pain of arriving too late.I cannot watch that episode without crying. Ever.

For those who really don’t know anything about this excellent series, a basic summary follows: The storyline was set on Earth in the 22nd century following the Metal Wars, a cybernetic revolt that had resulted in the subjugation of humanity by intelligent machines. Captain Jonathan Power and a small group of guerrilla fighters battle the machine forces that dominate a future Earth.

Ah…. nostalgia. I miss my childhood sometimes. The days of endless fun role-playing. Watch out for Blastaar! πŸ™‚

Edit: Go check out for more stuff!

I, Sick

Got a very bad case of fever and the works. Am feeling very very weak. 37.8 Celcius. Nearly 1 degree more than normal. Ah well… I got two days MC from the whole ordeal. Two enforced holidays.

Sheshhh… I can’t do much at home. Sigh.

MAY 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969

Gloriously ripped from Kinibooks (from

This is the first credible account of the May 13, 1969 racial riots in Malaysia, using documents recently declassified at the Public Records Office, London, after the lapse of the 30-year secrecy rule.

These documents provide the only available confidential observations and memoranda by British and other foreign embassy operatives based on their intelligence and contacts with local officials and politicians. They include dispatches by correspondents which were then banned in Malaysia.

A social scientist, Kua Kia Soong provides a fresh political analysis of this “May 13 incident”. In his view, the riots were by no means a spontaneous outburst of violence between Malays and Chinese but rather a planned coup d’etat by the ascendant state capitalist class against the Tunku-led aristocracy. He discusses the contradictions of the post-Independencec Alliance racial formula and traces the rise of this new Malay capitalist class which has ruled Malaysia since 1969.

These documents clearly show who were responsible for the violence and pose the question why the security forces allowed the violence to go on. With this publication, it is hoped that the frequently raised “spectre of May 13” by the Barisan Nasional government will be forever put to rest.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Kua Kia Soong is a director and founding member of human rights organisation, Suaram. He was a Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya (1990-95), a former political detainee during Operasi Lalang (1987-89) and former lecturer at the National University of Singapore (1978-79).

I read it already. It is a GOOD read. Mind you… the ONLY problem is that it READS like a thesis. Which in fact, it is. Kinda. But it does provide solid evidences for the reader to be assured of the validity of its assertions. I do not have any problems with the fact that the whole document relies heavily on the observations of the British correspondence. In fact, it would be a case of “many perspectives lending more weight to the argument”. So there. Go read it already. Have ordered 6 since! πŸ™‚

It gives a very good background to the vague and inaccurate ‘facts’ taught to us in our secondary education. Surprisingly, this would help explain much of the current predicament that we Malaysians are facing. I won’t go into it. I hate going deep into political speculation, although it is mandatory for us to take sides, in the end.

Just read it (my second plea). Yea… creative people would read this πŸ™‚ Wonder how many of my students are reading my blog and lurking (chickens!)… hahahahah… give a shout out in the comment box already. πŸ™‚

Recant of “Mr. Arrogant, Please Meet Ms. Ignorant!”

I thought the post was quite cute and nicely written. For those who managed to read it… it is still true. But, for some reasons, that I won’t divulge, I ain’t going to publish it again. πŸ™‚ Ah well… c’est la vie. n’est ce pa?

(I misspelt the words… I’m no french, no?) πŸ˜›