Cool Breeze

It was below 10 Celsius at 7 in the morning. Parisians apparently do not start early, as scarcely were there people on the streets at that time. Having the cool winds slowly brushing against me was strangely refreshing. I expected it to be painful – it was supposed to be too cold for me. Instead, it blew away the troubles of yesterday.

A good change that was necessary, even though it was only for a short time.

Walking along the Seine, the wind reassured me of God’s grace in comforting His saints, flawed though they are. It was breathtaking to take in the whole panoramic view at the center of Paris – on the right, the Cath├ędrale Notre-Dame, and to the left, the eminent Louvre. Traffic began to slowly build up as Parisians began to head towards work.

In an alley away from the main road, a restaurant was already getting ready to welcome customers. Warm yellow lights were all lit, broom sweeping yesterday’s rubbish and counters wiped and checked by the lone worker – probably the owner.

Turn to another alley and a self-service launderette filled the area with a low-hum. There was no one using the facilities, but the lights and heaters were switched on, inviting any would-be user in that cold early morning.

The foreign city forced me to look around. To look at the forest, and not only at trees. When the wind blows, it is hard to see its effect when you stand so close to the single tree. But stand far enough – like a stranger in a foreign place, and you will see the trees swaying, the forest coming alive, breathing in and out, like a living human being. You can even hear the breathing of the forest; the work of the wind.

Fresh breeze comforts. Assures us that God’s mercies are new every morning. Unlike sinners, God is the maker of winds, the swayer of forests. Feeling refreshed by the Seine breeze, I headed back to my room for breakfast.

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